Chef Dina.jpgNechama Dina Dubrowski was born and raised in Brooklyn where she studied at the Beth Rivkah Academy, a school specializing in Developing future educators. Dina spent her summers canvassing the globe in assistance of the local Jewish communities. Her travels have taken her to France, Italy, Switzerland, California, Prague, Ukraine, Israel, and Connecticut. She concluded her studies at the Machon Shoshana Seminary in Jerusalem where she lived for one year. For the past 4 years she has been working as an early childhood education expert at CELC in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Dina enjoys art, cooking, and fashion, and has a special knack for hands-on creations. Dina looks forward to bringing her creativity and sensitivity to the bay area.

Dina likes to cook with healthy, natural products and enjoys feeding people's palates as well as their bodies. Dina uses whole wheat whenever possible and enjoys using fresh produce and unprocessed foods when she can.