Chabad Chai
A Life & Learning Center

South Tampa



You need a place where…
...All people are welcomed, and accepted for who they are, without judgment or prejudice
...Where the focus is on you, the individual
...Jewish people of all ages, and denominations come to experience and celebrate the joy of Jewish life
...People of all faiths and ethnicities, come to find focus, and a positive perspective on life
...You can pray, study, and grow at your own pace, regardless of affiliation, background, or level of observance
...People care, smile, and live life to the fullest

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Why A Building?


  • Due to lack of current space, we can no longer offer FREE High Holiday services open to the entire community.
  • Young Professionals aren’t affiliating, they feel disconnected, and are dropping out of religion entirely.
  • There are NO Kosher Restaurants in the Tampa Bay area. It’s a practical problem, and unbecoming for any Jewish community.
  • The Youth of today are losing interest in Jewish education, due to over-stimulation in every other aspect of our lives.
  • Modern technology is increasing the stress level in our lives, causing us to lose focus on what’s truly important.
  • Our community is fragmented, with Jews today identifying themselves as Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, or non-affiliated. This division threatens to accelerate our assimilation.


  • 4 floors & 12,000 Square Feet
  • A grand chamber to allow for larger lifecycle events, Shabbat & holiday dinners, Life-changing lectures
  • A State-of-the-art Commercial kitchen to expand Dina’s Kitchen, and open Tampa’s only authentic Kosher Deli
  • A Lounge for Young Professionals to gather, connect, and build meaningful relationships
  • A One-of-a-kind studio for children to explore Judaism through the arts, allowing for the expansion of the Family Academy
  • A meditative garden for restorative health
  • A spiritual home, open to all people, without membership requirements

Become a partner...

  • VISIONARIES $250,000+
  • Center Dedication $770,000
  • Main Sanctuary Reserved$250,000
  • Young Professional Lounge Reserved$200,000
  • FOUNDERS $100,000+
  • Sky Rooftop Deck Reserved$180,000
  • Art & Craft Studio $125,000
  • The Pavilion $100,000
  • Chai Shul (P) $100,000
  • Chai Learning Institute (P) $100,000
  • Chai Crafts (P) $100,000
  • Chai Family Academy (P)$100,000
  • PILLARS $54,000+
  • Ladies of Life (P) $75,000
  • Dina’s Kitchen $75,000
  • Garden of Glory Reserved$75,000
  • Balcony $75,000
  • Chai Life Counseling (P) $75,000
  • Meditative Green Reserved$65,000
  • Builders $25,000+
  • Rabbi’s StudyReserved $54,000
  • Glass Elevator $50,000
  • Ner Tamid (eternal light) Reserved$50,000
  • Aron Kodesh (The Ark) $50,000
  • Library Reserved$50,000
  • Lobby (x2) Reserved$36,000
  • Inaugural Torah Scroll $36,000
  • Modular Playground $25,000
  • Administrative Offices $25,000
  • Jerusalem Wall Reserved$25,000
  • Washing Station 1 $25,000
  • Stairway to Heaven (x2) $25,000
  • Bima $25,000
  • Supporters $10,000+
  • Main Entrance Mezuzah Reserved$18,000
  • Dedication Display Reserved$18,000
  • Sanctuary Mezuzah Reserved$10,000
  • Arch of Angels (x3) $10,000
  • Lobby Mezuzah (x2) 1 Reserved$10,000
  • Muchnik Artistic Tzedakah Pod $10,000
  • Washing Station 2 $10,000
  • Benefactors $5,400+
  • Mezuzahs (20x) 5 Reserved$5,400
  • Future Leaders (YP exclusive) $3,600
  • Other Other Amount
Your selected dedication amount: $

All gifts will be recognized on a dedication wall of Jerusalem stone

Can’t give it all at once? Make payments over 2 or 3 years.

Prefer non-cash donations? All contributions are accepted and appreciated, including stocks, annuities, in-kind donations, land, and estates.

Want to create an everlasting legacy? Please feel free to contact us regarding Planned Giving Opportunities, Endowment Funds etc.

Thank you for your generous support! Chabad Chai - South Tampa is a 501C3 Non-profit Organization; All donations are tax-deductible