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why are you so afraid to commit?

Monday, 14 May, 2018 - 10:00 am



It’s hard to commit, I know. In relationships, at work, with family, even what to choose for lunch can be difficult, because we have such a fear of commitment. In all of the areas of our life, we are forced to choose one way or the other. Sometimes we are so scared, we choose badly, or not at all. How do we cope with, and overcome commitment issues?
The answer lies in this week’s Torah portion Behar-Bechukosai, where we read about the laws of Shemittah, the Sabbatical. The Torah tells us that every seven years, the land of Israel must be allowed to rest, one may not plant or grow any crop.
To a people that relied on agriculture as their primary source of nourishment or sustenance, it was required a tremendous leap of faith, and commitment to observe these laws. Not working the land in the seventh year, meant that even in the 8th year, the land was still fallow. Yet the Jewish people overcame their fears and followed the tradition for centuries.
Their courage to take that leap was born from the knowledge that G-d has a plan for each person, one need's only to play their part. Thus a seemingly miraculous phenomenon developed in biblical Israel. Every sixth year of the Shemittah cycle would produce such an abundance of food, it would satisfy their needs for the following two years. The commitment to their faith evoked such a blessing that vanquished any fears they might have had.
We too must develop our faith in G-d's plan. We might never be in a position to fully understand every detail in our lives. Nor will we ever be able to control it entirely. Our ability to overcome our fears of and fully commit to each other, our work, our families, and our community, will ultimately decide our success.
So the next time you feel yourself stepping up to the edge in your life, afraid of what the future may hold, ask yourself one question, is this part of G-d's plan? If the answer is yes, have faith, leap forward, and commit, you'll be happy you did.
Good Shabbos & Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Mendy Dubrowski
Mission: Where in your life has fear of commitment held you back? Think of that next step you need to take, is it part of G-d's plan or an aberration? If yes, don't get held up by your lack of total understanding, leap forward and see the results.
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