Jewish children in public schools are being bombarded with messages and information about Israel right now. Unfortunately, these messages are overwhelmingly critical and the information is often shocking misrepresentations or blatant falsehoods. 

Without a strong positive education about Israel, children have no reason to not accept these hateful messages as the truth. They absorb the rhetoric around them. Tragically, by the time Jewish children reach university age, many of them are passionately anti-Israel. 

There is a vital and immediate need to engage Jewish children with a deep connection and pride for Israel and its central role in the Jewish past, present, and future.

At Chai Family Academy we have developed exactly this.

We are proud to announce that this year, CFA will be unlocking our heritage in the Holy Land, using the new Israel Quest curriculum! Students will be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, exploring our history as Am Yisroel Chai. 

At CFA, we are always looking for ways to engage students and make Jewish education exciting and meaningful, specifically catered to different ages.  Join your child as they relive the journey of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel, from the time the Jews entered the land led by prophets and kings, until the untimely destruction of the Holy Temples. Discover the secret to our eternal survival with tools that were established to keep Judaism thriving in the Diaspora. Using educational tools such as VR, topography, theater, crafts, STEAM, and filmmaking, this experience is bound to capture the attention of each student. 

We are looking forward to exploring this incredible course with you and your children.  

To  learn  more  or  to  sign  up  your  child, please  contact me or simply scroll below.

Dina Dubrowski

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